Handwriting Analysis To Find Out More About Your Heritage

I had a great experience of helping one of my clients, Gail Taylor, author of “Tornado and Other Seasons”.  She asked me to provide her with some insight on her great grand-Mary Pettypieceparents and provided signatures.  This was an amazing experience of looking back, much like I did with my own grand-mother.  I had taken her signature and once I did the analysis queried my father who agreed that his mother did have the personality traits I described, even if he had never spoken of them before.  My grand-mother had died when I was 3 years old.

In the case of Gail’s great grand-parents I was able to not only provide her with character profiles, but also their compatibility report.  I was pleasedWilliam Pettypiece to hear that much of what I provided her with was what her mother had shared with her as well about their personalities.  It is always a great feeling to know that this science is truly an amazing part of our lives.  We do write with our brain.  It is also sad that it is harder to find handwritten notes these days from people with all the technology we use.

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