You aren’t only what you write, but You are how you write

If you are smart learn to write smart.  If you think you are confident, ask yourself, are you?  You might think so but your writing will ultimately give you away.  Fear of failure?  Upset with your body image?  All these come through in your writing.  You may not believe it, but I have been reading about it since I was 9.  Now I have expanded and with the knowledge from my accreditation, I can, in a few minutes, tell you if you are true to what you tell me you are or not.  Just by the stroke of a pen on a paper.  I lie not.  But better than that, I can teach you how to overcome all the parts of your life that could be ameliorated, while making sure you keep a balance with what makes up the true you.  If you don’t believe, that’s okay.  But I bet if you pass beyond your cynicism or scepticism, you will be amazed.

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