Hi! I am LaurieAnn! I am That GAL…

Founder of I Am That GAL©

Life Redesign Coach, Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst and Grapho Therapist, specializing in coaching people with Eating Disorders, primarily bulimia.

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I graduated from University Of Alberta (started at McGill University) with the concept of taking Art History as a segway to Law. It really wasn’t my dream to do that. I wanted to be a Journalist, a writer, anything but a lawyer. I finished my BA in Art History Major and French/English Minor and went to College afterward and received my Honours Journalism Diploma.

LaurieAnn, that’s me. I have a very diverse background.

I started my entrepreneurial life as a Literary Agent and writer. I was VP of the Canadian Authors Association Toronto Branch and Newsletter Editor at the age of 24. Life took a turn when I got married. I became a wife and mother but still liked having my own business while working for my spouse in the capacity of Office Manager and Marketing Manager. I owned my own small sideline businesses such as my Clothing Design company D~Laurz Fashions, a PI Company Techno PI (licensed for 20 years), and likely a few others. Once I was released from my spouse’s company, I became the Executive Director of The Enterprise Centre (not-for-profit helping start-up businesses) during which time I not only matched new entrepreneurs to clients (over $500,000 in revenue collectively they generated from my matching) but also coached over 100 new businesses. During that time I volunteered a lot (maybe too much) and received the prestigious Pinnacle Award for Volunteerism and also became the 5th female President in 50 years of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and the 2nd youngest President at the age of 38.

After I became single again, I bought an Auto Repair business and added a Used Car Sales, Towing, Muffler, and Impound business to the existing shop. It closed down after 3 years in 2010. As I see it, I have not failed, for they say, failing is not trying. I have had my challenges though.

Truth is I believe, subconsciously, I have been on the pursuit of what I actually loved doing since I was 9 years old after reading two books my mother had (which she gifted to me 7 years ago). Handwriting Analysis.

While running my auto repair business, in 2008 I found a University that actually allowed me to become Certified in this science. I have since become a Masters Certified Handwriting Analyst and Grapho-Therapist, Authorized Mentor for Handwriting University International. I have completed (and soon to graduate) from the PRISM Life Design Program directed by Handwriting University International which teaches the skills of NLP and Timeline Management, amongst a few, that marry into the Handwriting and Grapho-therapy.

I am, on a personal basis, a mother of three beautiful adult children, the mother also to my two dogs and four cats and my fish Sachi. I have no regrets for my 15 years of marriage with the man who was my first love (I can honestly be grateful I don’t have “what ifs”) and I will always be thankful and love him in a different way today. My life has been blessed – no matter what the hardships I went through, I always look at what is good that came from it.

Life is a journey. We may find things we love and do, but I believe life always brings you to where you should be. “I Am That GAL” is my signature. “Get A Life” is the significance of the GAL. And my sister asked me what that meant? I told her “I have NO idea really, in regards to others, but my goal is to help them to understand how to “get a life you always wanted and deserve”. Like I am doing now. I have combined my handwriting analysis, coaching, and my previous first business, the literary agency, into one nice bundle. I Am That GAL©

I am a proud member of The International Society of Female Professionals, the Bart Baggett Marketing Mastermind Group, the Advanced Mastermind Collaborative Group, and a Founding Member of Handwriting University and the Advanced Branding Collaborative group.

One might ask, “how does this apply to the G.A.L. Plan©? It applies in the ability to be precise in creating the plan that is made up for you through our process and providing you with that “map” that is personalized for you to follow. Everyone has a different unique “makeup of needs“, but everyone benefits from a defined path to follow along the way to successfully reach your target. I am also using this now as a Bulimia Recovery Coach focussing on women over 40.

Sumit Chaudhary

Founder Of Branding By Sumit

I graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering ( with honors degree ). After graduating, I started my career in thesales process in April 2012. I began as a “Sales Associate” for a telecommunication company. It was an intriguing beginning to my career. It is where I really started learning about interacting with clients and customers. It taught me to listen to their needs and my biggest satisfaction and sometimes challenge, was to make sure that at the end of that call, they walked away with the answers and support they needed. After six months, in January of 2013, I then joined a company named “Phoenix Web Solution” (registered in Alaska, USA). There I worked as a “Technical Support Associate” where it expanded my knowledge of technology.  I was promoted as a Team Leader for sales and Tech Expert after two years

In 2017 I opted to take on a new career as the Business Development Manager for a “Wedding Planner Company” named ” The Paradise Event“ ( my own wedding planning company ). I have to admit, I never met the Wedding Singer or the Wedding Crashers, but it was quite an experience and yes here my wife really supported me in this busiens.

With the way the world proceeded, and with our new COVID Life, I was really pleased to be asked by LaurieAnn to join her team as Creative and Sales Director of The I Am That GAL Team, a company that not only shares expertise in Handwriting Analysis and Grapho Therapy, personal and business coaching, and Book Publishing, as well as ways to excel in Branding, it is also a progressive company that is creating a very special program soon to be released called the G.A.L. Plan © “Get A Life (GAL) You Deserve.

My current professions

Online Sales & Business Coach – I am so much proud of being a sales and business coach where i help people who has started an online business and need help in execution process. i provide online training for that and also for the sales process as sales is an important part of business.

Handwriting Analysis – one of the best skill i have ever opted is this . and all thanks to my mentor LaruieAnn for this who mentored me in this amazing journey of science to understand the mindset of people by just seeing their handwriting.

Affiliate marketing – is another business i am with and also giving training for the same to newbie in this business.

Book Cover Creation – Book cover designing is my hobby part which i do for only for the references and for this i somehow manage the time you can check it at www.bookcovercreation.com

Podcast – Partner in podcast again LaurieAnn and we have recently started “indo-canada series of podcast ” with the title of “sharing your thoughts” where we invite people from india and canada to share their amazing thoughts about their respective field. you cna check more details about at http://www.sharingyourthoughts.ca ( please check the podcast section on website )

Still i am so much willing to learn more and more . as i think learning is the best way to enhance your skills.

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